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     Dennis Downey

Cleveland Freight Lines, they became close friends. Bill saw the possibility of Cleveland Freight becoming a public warehouse because they could also deliver throughout Ohio.


Bill and Carl became partners in this venture named Trans-Cleveland Warehouses,Inc.. Their success allowed them to share their common interest in aviation and purchase a Hughes 269A Helicopter. Then shortly thereafter they upgraded to a larger Hughes 300. This enabled them to fly their potential customers directly to the warehouses.


Shortly after acquiring Otis Terminal Warehouse they were approached by Leaseway Transportation Corp wanting to buy Trans-Cleveland. A deal was struck keeping Bill Conn as President. Mr Conn built many relationships with other members of the American Warehousemen’s Association which helped him greatly as Leaseway Distribution Centers grew. One such friendship introduced Bill and Mary Ellen to life in the Tucson, Arizona area. They enjoyed the winters and when Mary Ellen developed osteoarthritis Bill Conn retired from Leasway and they moved to Tucson.


Bill had remained in the Navy Ready Reserve and had attained the rank of Commander. In 1966 the Navy closed the Naval Air Station in Columbus and Bill retired with 23 years. Since much of his responsibilities in the warehouse business were acquiring real estate he decided to get his real estate license and sell commercial real estate. Bill and a real estate partner purchased a Piper Comanche 260 that they used to show real estate parcels from the air and to just have fun. The Cleveland Indians held spring training in Tucson area and the Conn’s kept a close relationship with Steve O’Neill and his family. When the O’Neills where in town they often met and watched games or had Dinner. During this time they also built a log house in Pine Top, Arizona where they enjoyed some beautiful summer vacations. The plane allowed him to commute back to Tucson for business.


Bill and Mary Ellen lived between Tuscon and Pine Top until 1996 when the thin mountain air got too difficult for Mary Ellen and they decided to close up the mountain cabin and spend summers in Medina, Ohio not far from their daughter Linda and her family. After a few years the travel became too much and they decided to stay in Tucson. The Conn’s have since moved back to Medina, Ohio to be near their daughters and where Mary Ellen has been in a nursing home and Bill lives nearby so they spend as much time as possible.


Bills memoirs where written 2 years ago and he will be 85 this December 16th, I hope their health is still well.


Bill wrote of the famous people he was able to meet because of the different businesses he was involved in. He said that a few impressed him; I have to say that I am very sure Mr William C Conn Jr. also impressed them.


Bill Conn wrote some very good observations of some of the most important things he has learned. I would like to list 4 of them.




1. Time is the most valuable commodity in the world. With out time, nothing gets accomplished. Use it wisely.

2. Always do your best. No matter what you do, give                100%.

3. Be Honest. Integrity is the most important quality to have.

4. Set Goals and never give up.


I know this is longer than my normal article, but I hope everyone enjoyed reading about William C. Conn Jr as much as I did. In his memoirs he called Mary Ellen his best friend. I am sure I could have learned much from him.


Bill, thank you for sharing your story. I am sure we all wish you all the best.

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I just recently learned that in Donoughmore, County Cork, Republic of Ireland not far from the city of Blarney there is a family owned Trucking Company by the name of Dennis Downey Transportation. They have been in business since 1912. Small world isn’t it?



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